Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving ...Keys Style

What a Great Day!!! With all the rest of family in Tampa this Holiday, my wife and I needed to stay in town for her business, so we celebrated Thanksgiving..Keys Style. 
First of let me say how Thankful The Conchquistador is to be part of this Great Country and especially to be here in the American Caribbean...the Fabulous Florida Keys!
We spent the morning getting shells and trinkets to decorate our Christmas Tree from Shell World, in Key Largo,what a great selection!!  We then meandered to my favorite new shop Mother Ocean, the marine consignment shop with a world of treasures.  Mrs. Conchquistador found some neat trinkets...Thank you Rubin and Lisa for staying Open!!!! You must stop by this cool little shop when you are in Key Largo.  
From there we previewed some properties in Wynken, Blynken & Nod Estates on Tweetie Pie Terrace (yes, there is such a place) and a quick stop by the office in Islamorada to drop off some paperwork from last night's listing appointment and off to World Wide Sportsman to pick up some items for tomorrow's Grouper hunting excursion on our boat, the Conch-Keys-Tador.  A quick snack at The Islamorada Fish Company next door led to our meeting a lovely vacationing couple where I got to give them and insider's lay of the land with local info.
From there it way off to the Big FEAST at Gilbert's!!! Thanksgiving at Gilbert's is something unique and a whole lot of fun.. A German take on Thanksgiving fare with Sauerbraten, Lamb Shank, Goulash, Turkey, a million sides and the PHENOMENAL PUMPKIN SOUP!!!  Gilbert's is located just before you get into Key Largo on Jewfish Creek with a wonderful location overlooking Blackwater Sound.
Be sure to click on the links to get more info on these fun local businesses.
So..yes a wonderful Thanksgiving indeed.....the only thing missing was our brave soldiers stationed world wide keeping us safe.

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