Friday, April 24, 2015

Time For A Little Keys Real Estate Stew. A Detectible Bouillabaisse Seasoned by "Bloodline".

Time for a little Keys Real Estate Stew. A Delectable Bouillabaisse.
  1. Mix 1 Part Incredible Land and Seascapes created by the Finger of God.
  2. Add Unique Homes ranging from waterfront mobile homes to exquisite Oceanfront Estates.
  3. Blend in a heaping helping of low interest rates
  4. Fold in a record-setting brutal Winter anywhere above the frozen Tundra of Orlando
  5. And Sprinkle with International interest fueled by the Netflix series Bloodline.
Let simmer into the perfect blend of Real Estate critical mass.

Serve with an Ice Cold Sandbar Sunday brew from the Islamorada Beer Company or a salty rimmed Margarita.

MMMMM soooo tasty!!!!

The Keys Real Estate Market has been, and continues to be on Fire.  Almost every day I see properties going under contract at a very disproportionate ratio as to those becoming available.  
As cited in my above recipe, there are quite a few variables at play here. That being said, I can not begin to express how Big "Bloodline" has been, and I think, will be in making people DROOL with envy and could be the tipping point as to making people want to visit and eventually buy here in our 127 mile coral rock paradise.

Much like Miami Vice in the 80's, the producers of Bloodline have made a REAL commitment to shoot locally.  Filming in untold local restaurants, resorts, shops, and waterways.  The use very few "sets" and they make the Keys LOOK Amazing!!  And I say this as a local, I can only image how they must look to someone in snow covered who knows where.
If you have not seen the show, I highly recommend you watch it.  Yes,  it moves verrrrrrrry slowly the first1/2 dozen but then it kicks into HIGH gear.  Great acting, especially by Kyle Chandler (who I recently met, super nice) and wow Ben Mendolsohn.  My only criticism rains more in one episode than it does all year!! (Yes, yes, I know its a dramatic metaphor as a bad omen, and bad deeds...but still THAT much rain??? LOL).

Becareful! VERY easy to binge watch.  You may get so engrossed and emerge zonked and looking like some  degenerate stumbling out of  Sloppy Joe's in the wee hours.

It's fun to pick out locales such as the Moorings, Morada Bay, Mrs Macs, Islamorada Tackle, Anne's Beach among others.

All of this beautiful PR is just some great extra seasoning to an already deliciously delirious real estate pot.

Are you Hungry???

Belly up to the table and get your serving of great Keys Real Estate.  Put the experience and expertise of The Conchquistador to work for you! For more information on the outstanding real estate opportunities that exist in the Keys, call me at 305.439.7730 or email me at