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Upper Keys Fishing Reports

If you are down here in The Fabulous Florida Keys and you are itching to fish, there in one person to turn to
Captain Matt Bellinger of  Bamboo Charters
for the BEST in what's happening on the Briny.

Captain Matt Bellinger of Bamboo Charters is THE Voice of what's going on. He has been featured on National Geographic Television and his daily reports put you on the fish, with the where when and who of the day's catch.
Captain Matt can be heard daily at local radio stations Sun 103.1 and 100.3 FM.

Entertaining and Insightful, Captain Matt always has his line in the water for fresh Intel to help you catch the big ones.

As Captain Matt always says..." Get out On The Water....Go Fish!"

Here's what's happening on the waters!
What's putting the bite on and where.
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Fearless Fishing Report for April 26 Islamorada, FL

Capt. Joe Hendrix

 Today we fished a full day. We started off by catching some live bait and then heading Offshore. We had some good action out there today. We were able to catch plenty of Blackfin Tuna on the Hump and then headed out a little further and find some nice schoolie Mahi. Winds were light and seas were 1 or 2.

Fearless Fishing Report for April 19 Islamorada, FL

Capt. Joe Hendrix 

Today we fished a couple of half days. We caught some live bait and headed #Offshore. We were able to catch a few Blackfin Tuna in the morning. We saw a Mahi, but never got lined up on him. In the afternoon we reloaded on bait and headed back Offshore. We had some more great action catching several Blackfin Tuna and a nice Mahi. Wind was light and seas were a foot or less

Key Largo-Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, Kingfish and Wahoo: Key Largo Fishing Report

Capt. Ryan Van Fleet
April 15, 2018

Fishing was good last week. Fished the edge. Found plenty of Kingfish and a few Sailfish chewing for the guys from France. After the crowds went home I ventured out to look for for dolphin on the troll after live bait fishing slowed.

Found a couple nice gaffers then headed for home for the guys from France then heading back to the dock for the day.

Had good bite again along the edge, lost a nice wahoo that came unglued along the side and caught some nice King Fish on a half day.
Looking forward to next couple weeks outside the reef. Have a good week and tight lines.
Capt. Ryan

Islamorada Sea Horse off shore report - April 13,2018

Capt. Rick Rodriguez

Off Shore Forecast: Mahi have begun to migrate through the Islamorada area in various depths of water. Tell tale places to find Mahi have been in the usual places. Fishing where the fish are makes them less allusive to anglers. Best bet is to venture off shore towards deeper water keeping a careful eye to observe floating debris, working birds, weed lines pushed by a current edge and schools of Mahi them selves. Though sometimes difficult, persistence can prove productive while searching . Hard to resist, however try to avoid other boats that have succeeded in finding fish. Few anglers enjoy sharing their fish with strangers. Even if it is not illegal it's not ethical. 

Back Country: They have been catching a variety of sport fish in Florida Bay, and Flamingo's Everglades National Park. Mangrove Snapper, Taarpon, Redfish, Snook, and Sharks have been common catches. 


Fearless Fishing Report for April 9, Islamorada, FL

Capt. Joe Hendrix

Today we fished a full day with David and Ellen. We headed #Offshore to the Hump to start and caught a few nice Blackfin Tuna. We then came in towards the Reef and put the kites up. After awhile with no action we decided to anchor down on the reef and caught some nice Yellowtail Snapper. Wind was light out of the south. Seas were 2 feet or less.

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