Monday, July 29, 2019

Check out Aero-Largo Bayfront Estate, $3,499,000 - Your Florida Keys Bucket List Opportunity!!

Every so often, Fate reaches out its hand.

You know, Creative Visualization can be really powerful.
A great tool for Dreamers and Poets and those that have a burning Desire, (and maybe a touch of .. madness, LOL).

Yes, yes, I know...a little Granola-y, California, Mulholland Drive, Esoteric stuff.
But your Conchquistador has always been a Dreamer and a Poet, and I have, and still have a burning Desire to succeed in Real Estate.

When I was first starting out in Real Estate, I projected in my mind, that I wanted to cater to the Entertainment Industry movers and shakers, both those on the front line and behind the scenes, for their real estate needs (as I was also in the Entertainment Industry for 15 years, buts that's another sordid story, for another Blog).  
Now, along the 24.5 year way, I have come to enjoy being of Service to a variety of these very folks who were seeking great real estate opportunities in Buying and Selling, and an agent who would/could give them Exemplary Service. 

The thing is, I came to realize, that I enjoyed assisting the average Joe/Jane, first time buyer, $150,000 client, as much as the Multi Million Dollar Ones.

But I still had that ... Vision.
And as stated ... Every So Often ... Fate reaches out it's hand
I have been privileged to work with Matt Damon, Julio Iglesias Jr., One of the Top Modeling Agency Owners in the World ( Wow, talk about someone with Vision!!! Thank you, You know who You are), another prominent Miami Beach Agency owner, as well as the premier modeling studio in Miami Beach, Night Club Owners, DJs, Sports figures, even Sophia Vergara's personal manager (What a great family), and a host of others, that I have to keep on the down low.

And Now, out of the ether, comes my favorite property listing of all time.  Aero Largo.

A magical home and location that has been used for countless Modeling shoots and other media ( They were actually doing a photo shoot while we were taking our photos), and owned by a very special client.

This Place IS your Bucket List Home!!!!

Tropical breezes, white sandy beach ( a rare Keys commodity), spectacular open water views, amazing deep water dockage, an awesome pier with THE coolest Tiki at the end, and oh yeah a seaplane dock, sparkling Pool, Pizza Oven, massage Tiki, outdoor Kitchen, all on almost an arce of natural Key Largo hard wood hammock. And that's just the outside!!!

This house is tricked out, the Master Bedroom has jaw dropping views (and Two separate Master Baths!), stainless kitchen with all the Top, Top, Top of the line appliances, office/extra bedroom, and so, so much more.
And did I mention the detached Guest House and the 3-car Garage?? 3-car Garage ... in the Keys??? Hell, it's hard just to find a 1-car garage let alone 3.

So, am I excited ... um Yeah! (On a separate note, you know I never met an ellipse I didn't like).

And the best feature???  The PRICE!!!!

THIS is opportunity knocking, almost bashing the door in.

THIS is THAT property that you Visualize.... in that granola-y, Califorina, Mulholland Drive, esoteric way.

To the Details:

97240 Overseas Highway, Key Largo

Offered at: $3,499,000
4 Bedroom /4.2 Baths with optional 5th bedroom.

Phenomenal opportunity! Stunning, stunning, stunning Florida Keys Oasis. ''Aero-Largo''. The setting for countless photo shoots and commercials, this seductive Bayfront Estate is what dreams are made
of. Stroll right into crystal clear water from your own white sandy beach. This is your canvas. Bask in privacy, or entertain like no other. This home offers extreme flexibility. With 3 bedrooms + office in the spacious Main House, gorgeous gourmet Kitchen and Dining Room, and a separate detached Guest Suite. So many amenities! Huge, Deep Dock and Tiki, outdoor grill and pizza oven, outdoor bar, seaplane dock, boatlift, outdoor showers, custom-built pool and fountain, three garage spaces, massage Tiki, all nestled in a gated, estate sized natural hardwood hammock. Best value in its class, and a feast for the senses. Do everything or nothing at all. It's all at your beck and call. Diving, boating, fishing, Jet Ski, kayak, you name it. The Florida Keys Lifestyle is yours 24/7/365. Exceptional Vacation Rental Potential.

Click Here to View Details and Mapped Location. 
Click Here for Drone Video
Click Here for Aero Largo From The Water Video

Fate ... Has unique Hands.

Indulge in the Massage Tiki
Work with an Agent who can help you realize Your Vision.  
Put the experience and expertise of The Conchquistador to work for you! 
 For more information on the outstanding real estate opportunities that exist in the Keys, call me at 305.439.7730 or email me at

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Hide Your Honey Hole!! It's the 2019 Mini-Lobster Season! They're Out There and They Are BIG!

Tickle Stick...Check...Net ...Check...Gloves ...Check ....Secret GPS Lobster Spots (AKA Honeyholes) Check!
OK! It's time for Mini-Lobster Season!!!  Get The Butter!

Your Conchquistador With Tonight's Dinner!
For 2019 the Bugs are out and they Are Big!!

Yes it's that crazy two days in July here in The Keys where boat gas prices soar, and Johnny Law is just itching to cite violators who don't measure or exceed their catch.

Hoards of marine hunters motor down here boats in tow, like pilgrims to Mecca to hunt for our tasty crustations and catch a post dive buzz at the Tiki Bar.

Come and Get 'Em!!! Photo courtesy of Capt. Matt Bellinger of Bamboo Charters
For the uninitiated, Lobster Mini Season is always the last Wednesday and Thursday in July.  
That gives recreational harvesters an edge on the commercial guys who can't start fishing until August 6th. 

It's time to get out your gloves, masks, nets, gauges and tickle sticks....( Why does Lobster Season sound like bad porn?? Honeyholes and tickle sticks?? Go figure!)  and head out into the briny for your quota of some of the most delectable fare the ocean has to offer.

It's also a great weekend for real estate, as many people, especially mainlanders finally say, "I need a place down here!"  And that, my friends is when your Humble Conchquistador springs into action!  With all the great deals down here, there is something for everyone.

From Mobile and Manufactured homes to Oceanfront Estates, The Florida Keys offer you your own customized Island Oasis.

Everyone Is in Mini-Season Mode!
So come on down, know the rules, grab some bugs (local slang for Lobster), grab a beer, and then call me to grab a slice of paradise.

Oh yeah and since you read this far, I am going to share with you, my faithful reader, one of my favorite spots! Trust me this is a Major Gift, as Spots are super secret!!! But hey...I am a benevolent Conchquistador.
Try Hog Rocks off Key Largo GPS  N24 59.550 W80 27.440.  7-15 feet down under the rocks.

Ready to stop paying for a Hotel during Mini Season and have a place of your very own?? Put the experience and expertise of The Conchquistador to work for you! For more information on the outstanding real estate opportunities that exist in the Keys, call me at 305.439.7730 or email me at