Monday, November 23, 2015

Poet, Pirate, and Pescador. It's Easy To Be One Of Each In The Florida Keys.

You're 65 feet in the air. You take a breath, and you assume a new identity. 

Such is the magical power of crossing Jewfish Creek. 

As you continue Southeast along the thoroughfare that traverses Lake Surprise, you start put on a new cloak ... a new persona. Maybe one built on 10 years of fantasy or, in some cases, delusion. 

But you're a new you, and the beauty in the Florida Keys, is that's exactly what everybody expects.

On Friday you're a fisherman, cruising the reefs in the deep-sea and hunting for your Moby Dick. Maybe it's a prize Marlin or Swordfish.  Or, you've got a hankering for some Grouper and you're there to go mano y mano against the denizens of the deep. 
Saturday, you're a swashbuckling pirate cruising from bar to bar with your favorite Wench ( Or if you're a Sexy Lady Pirate, your favorite Cabin Boy) or maybe being a little naughty on your boat and not giving a damn what anybody thinks. 

And on Sunday ... on Sunday you're the Poet, soaking in all the vibrancy and life the Keys have to offer.  You put pen to paper, or words to keyboard, and you're the new Zane Grey, Hemingway, or Tennessee Williams, soaking in the sultry heat and humidity and making your words drip like so much honey.

Breathe in the air, and realize that this is truly a magical place where you can be you or  an exaggerated version of you, or idealized version of you.
Yes, crossing Jewfish Creek Bridge is a bit like stepping through the looking glass .. and I can't think of any other destination where I'd like to be.
For this...we are quite Thankful.

Become the Caribbean You, you've always wanted to be.  Put the experience and expertise of The Conchquistador to work for you, to find your tropical oasis.! For more information on the outstanding real estate opportunities that exist in the Keys, call me at 305.439.7730 or email me at

Sunday, November 15, 2015

When One Just Isn't Enough, Fall In Love With Two! Mariposa AND Papillon Now Available for $5,995,000.

Something about the dynamic allure of Twins. The joy of basking in not just one set of delights, but the decadent pleasure of soaking in double! 

And so it is with my latest Listing, which I share with our Broker, Joy Martin, the package offering of Mariposa + Papillon.

Now, if you read my previous post (and if you haven't, please do to put this post in perspective) about how jacked up I was to have the opportunity to be able to offer such, Art in Architecture that is Mariposa, imagine how I feel about being able to offer it with it's Identical Twin!!!!

When our Seller, who is also the brainchild and builder of these stunning residences, modeled after the structural beauty and power that are Butterflies, picked out this property, they realized that they needed to make a statement.  And what a statement!

Yes, a statement that says, "That's right...We Bad." A statement that says "We are UNIQUE". A Statement that ultimately says" We are Beauty, We are Grace, and We are designed for your total Comfort, Serenity, and Tropical Ease"

Now, this offering is a bit different though, not just in shear scope (10 combined Bedrooms!) but in that, as a package offering, it is geared to a much different set of Buyers, as it can be of significant value to a greater diversity of Buyer.

Whereas Mariposa, on it's own, is geared to the Buyer seeking an amazing, unique and unparalleled Oceanfront estate, the package of Mariposa and its twin Papillon has many more applications.

Of course, it appeals to that Buyer who wants the absolute pinnacle of a singular estate, but also to Buyers seeking a COMPOUND for extended family, and as a potential CORPORATE RETREAT.  Are you listening Apple??

Or even better yet..... Capitalize on the Seller's existing and very very very (did I say very?) lucrative Vacation Rental and Destination Wedding Location Business!!!
While I can not just give out gross income on this Blog (Though happy to share with seriously interested Buyers), I can say that there are A LOT of 0s.

As they have a vacation rental license that permits 7-day rentals (a Rarity in the Keys), they are able to capitalize on leasing 1 or both homes together or independently.  And with the explosion of the destination wedding market (and especially gay weddings) here in the Keys, this is an exceptional opportunity to secure a turn key, lucrative business with bookings already scheduled through 2017!

Or, as I said previously, a modern day, corporate Raider could use this massive Zen-Like, Keys Manse as their own private, Oceanfront Xanadu.  Kublai Khan would certainly be impressed. 

The Details!

58418 AND 58420  Overseas Highway

List Price: $5,995,000
Combined 10 Bedrooms / 12.2 Bathrooms
Combined 10,250 sq. ft. of interior living space.
Mile Marker 58
Almost 3 Acres
240 feet of Sandy Beach
Permitted for 7 day rentals
Lucrative and Documentable rental history with a multitude of advanced bookings.


Unparalleled and unique, this stunning Florida Keys estate is remarkable in every way. Like butterflies, the beautiful creatures they are named for, Mariposa and Papillon comprise twin Contemporary residences on a 2-acre + estate-sized parcel with over 240 feet of sandy beachfront on the glorious multi-hued waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Could also be capitalized as an investment by the existing and thriving vacation rental business currently in place by the Seller, catering to an active destination wedding market.

Designed and built by the owner/architect, each of these residences boasts approximately 5,124 sq. ft. of living space, 5 bedrooms, 6 1/2 baths, a recreation room and a wine cellar, for a combined total of over 10,000 sq. ft , 10 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and 2 half bathrooms, and 2 sumptuous infinity pools and spas set on some of most beautiful water in all of the Florida Keys.

Elegant, minimalist architecture, high-quality materials and designer finishes give a Zen vibe of "Cool". A true Collector's Estate, and well suited to be a corporate retreat or family compound.

Use one residence for yourself and the other to pamper your extended family and guests. You can also use it as a corporate retreat, where your management and staff can be rewarded by enjoying the beauty and relaxation of this unique resort.

Come, relax, feel the sand between your toes, and let your earthly pleasures take flight at Mariposa and Papillon.

View detailed brochure with photos and mapped location here.

To paraphrase Wrigley's: Double your Pleasure, Double your Fun!

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Friday, November 6, 2015

WOW. As Much Art, As It Is A Home. Mariposa, My Newest Keys Listing - $2,999,000

Its easy to get complacent in life.  Develop a, been there, done that attitude. Sometimes, the shine can dull and the luster fade.  Sometimes, life goes on, long after the thrill, of livin' it is gone.  

DAMN!!! Oh No, I'm quoting friggin' John Mellencamp Cougar Mellencamp Cougar Mellencamp!!

Anyway, the sentiments of Jack and Diane not withstanding, after so many trips around the Sun, it can be hard to be impressed.

And THEN, it happens...The spark, the unique... The WOW.

And when I say WOW, I mean W...O...W
Architecture meeting Art.
Design, Thought, and Concentration to detail, on a most impressive scale, all cleverly shrouded in a minimalist vibe.
Both subliminal...and Sublime.

So what is it that has my juices flowing and created some intense pep in my proverbial step?
In a Word?

Mariposa, the Spanish word for Butterfly. A creature of immense beauty and the inspiration for the design of my latest Florida Keys Listing, that I share with our Broker, Joy Martin.

Perched on 120 feet of Ocean, beachfront magnificence, this Gossamer, rises from the sand like a Babylonian tower, clad in an exterior of coral rock, and resting on almost an acre and a half of the best of Grassy Key.

Evoking a super Zen vibe, this home is huge by Keys standards, at over 5100 sq ft of interior living space, and has a multitude of bells and whistles, some of which you can see, and quite a few that you purposely don't.

Each of its 5 bedrooms has its own en suite bathroom. Doors cascade and pocket.  
The Master Bedroom is a study of Light and Sea.
In fact, the whole concept of the Home is to bring the visual of the Ocean, the Water, the Sea, INTO the Home.
This is achieved through a multitude of floor to ceiling windows and industrial French Doors, that offer light, light , and more light.

Floating Staircases, Glass Wine Room, pivoting multi-ton doors, an awesome Summer Kitchen, imported stone, and the infinity pool of infinity pools are just some of the, "Oh yeah, they went there", amenities.

The Architecture, Construction, and Design Elements are so distinctive, that the owner, who is also the mastermind and builder behind this creation,was featured on a nationally televised program highlighting this home.  Yes, it's that cool.

Now, the details:

58418 Overseas Highway, Grassy Key
List price:$2,999,000
5 Bedrooms / 6.1 Bathrooms
Mile Marker 58
Description: Discover Mariposa: Unparalleled and unique, this stunning Florida Keys estate is remarkable in every way The spectacular architecture inspired the name of this magnificent oceanfront estate that spans 120 ft. along the beach on Grassy Key in the beautiful Florida Keys. Secluded behind a privacy gate, this Bali influenced contemporary home was painstakingly built and designed by the owner to standards in which only the absolute best of everything would do. Floor to ceiling impact windows and doors invite you into this 5 bdrm Contemporary residence on the glorious multi-hued waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Elegant, minimalist architecture, high-quality and designer finishes give a Zen vibe of "Cool"

View Detailed Brochure with Photos and Mapped Location Here

"Butterflies are self-propelled flowers."
                    - Robert A Heinlien

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