Thursday, November 30, 2017

And Thus, We Bid The Devil Adieu - Today Ends a Harsh Hurricane Season

The Buzz-Saw that was Irma en route to the Keys
So, every June 1st, I do a blog post referencing Florida Keys Profanity, and that the “H Word” is the most foul.  Of course, “H” standing for Hurricane.
As you know, this Blog is quite often tongue-in-cheek, but this year, this year it rang very, very true.

Heartbreaking Devastation at one of my Buyers' Properties on Grassy Key
It's been some time coming, can't say we were surprised. But it still doesn't lessen the blow, both literally and figuratively. 
Irma came through like a buzz saw, but a buzz saw that was very, very slow moving. We were extraordinarily fortunate that it didn't do as much damage as it could have, and that the casualties were not as great as they could've been.
That being said, the wounds have definitely been inflicted and anyone driving our glorious Overseas Highway can see the scabs that are now forming.
Hurricanes in the Keys are a way of Life. They are part and parcel of the Keys experience. They is the Ying to the diving, fishing, drinking and revelry’s Yang. 

So what happens now???

Participating in a TV interview with NBC6 Anchors about what happens next
Well, real estate wise, Irma may have actually been a good thing on several fronts.

It's certainly showcased those homes that were well-built and can stand up to brutes. It also thinned out some of our invasive foliage that has grown here, chocking out our natives. And, it has forced homeowners to take a serious look at the condition of their properties.

And even with all the devastation that has occurred, Buyers still, still, very much want a heaping slice of our proverbial Key Lime Pie.

There is no place on Earth like the  Florida Keys. There is no place that offers all the intangibles.

Yes, there may be some places that have more vibrant for reefs, better fishing, Island lifestyle, but, as a package, and for ownership and value… I believe there’s no compare. 

"H Word"  - The Most Profane.
So, today, as we pack away our generators and store away our shutters and get ready to say goodbye to a very trying Period, we remember those that lost so much, and commend those whose efforts are unparalleled in helping us to effectively rebuild.

As once again, we try to reason with Hurricane Season

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