Friday, May 29, 2015

It's Our Secret OK??? Lobster Crawl

It's our secret OK???

Always one to keep you on the inside track of what's cool and going on in the Florida Keys, your humble Conchquitstador has unearthed the coolest place in quite a long time to come around. 

The Lobster Crawl Bar and Grill, located in the Fiesta Key Campground, is my new hotspot to check out, for relaxing, and enjoying a mouthwatering meal and/or an adult beverage, or two, or three, or ..., in the Florida Keys.

Now, now, now, don't start getting visions of toothless trailer trash walking around cozying up for a beer, and looking for a smoke, and asking if you would like to date his sister-wife.  No, This place is something else all entirely different. Cool with a Capital C, Hot with a capital H, and a Big V for Florida Keys Vibe.

Tiki Dining at its best!

Romantic Table for 2 at the water's edge
Totally refurbished, revamped, and revived and now operated by Restaurateur and Caterer Extraordinaire, Mike Forster, of Mangrove Mike's fame, The Lobster Crawl Bar and Grill is the ideal place to pull up either by car or by boat, chow down on great Florida Keys fair, enjoy a full bar, lots of big screen TVs, Live music, and relaxing fun while taking in sublime open water views with sand between your toes.

Currently open for lunch and dinner, and an ideal spot for Weddings or Vow renewals.

Treat yourself to a great experience. Located just past the SW side of the Channel 5 Bridge (in my opinion, the bridge with the best views), on historic Fiesta Key.

Looking forward to seeing you there for a cold one.

Relaxing at The Lobster Crawl Bar and Grill...The Florida Keys...Conchquistador Style

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day and The Keys.

Memorial Day, is easily the Grand-Daddy of Holidays here in our Fabulous Florida Keys.

Like bees attracted to the nectar that is Good Times and Memories that only the Keys can deliver, folks come from local and international climes to soak in our magical essence.

Marching ant-style across Jewfish Creek Bridge, the hoards make their way to Islamorada, Key West, and all points between.

Stopping in the Mecca that is the Islamorada Sand Bar, for benedictions and libations.

For me though, this year I am skipping the beloved festivities and enjoying a holiday much closer to its intended meaning.
I am spending it with my Dad, United States Air Force Airman 2nd Class, Francis J.
Marinelli...deceased.  I am so proud that he was recently laid to rest at the South Florida National Cemetery.  Just such a moving place... The Reverence...The Honor...The Service...The Pride.

So, when you are out there enjoying all, that our magnificent chain of Islands can provide, please take a moment to remember and thank the ones who kept and keep them free for us all to enjoy.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

What Does $13M+ Buy You In The Florida Keys?? American Caribbean Real Estate Sets New Record in The Upper Keys!!

It's Big , It's BEAUTIFUL, it's in Islamorada, it just Sold for $13,125,000, and it's AWESOME!

One of the Florida Keys' most idyllic Estates has just been sold at a record-breaking price for the Upper Keys, and it was sold by my colleague and friend Kelly Shaw, here at American Caribbean Real Estate. I am certain that her Buyers will be very, very, happy indeed.

Palm Harbor

Almost 6 1/2 acres of gorgeous Islamorada waterfront serenity. It truly is Island Living at its finest.  Although it was built in 1996, it retains the feel of Florid Keys Vernacular architecture, yet appointed with current designer finishes, decor, and amenities, 6 Bedrooms / 7.1 Baths and over 11,000 sf  of living area, to bask in total comfort.

The exterior and grounds are a dream..  The property boasts its own private lagoon and yacht basin, powder soft sand overlooking the endless Atlantic Ocean, and inviting black bottom pool.

Hell, even the seawall is LOADED with lobster!!! I must have counted 20 when I recently visited.

This is a property that can rival many on the World Wide stage, and is one for serious consideration for the Buying Elite.

It takes a lot to Wow your Conchquistador, and here, I am thoroughly WOWED.

The property was listed by our Mainland, Christie's International Real Estate Affiliate, EWM and their Agent, Audry Ross.

Contact me today for more Details!!

Photo courtesy of Randy Ely and Nick Malinosky

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Caribbean Elegance and Tropical Chic.

What is it about the  Keys?
Is it the smell of the salty air?  Is it the elation that erupts in your senses as you traverse the Jewfish Creek Bridge, with a tantalizing view of the Beauty to soon come?  The prospect of tropical libations? Gin clear water? Tight Lines? Tan lines? No Tan lines??

Or Could it be ...  all these and so, so much more that tugs at the heartstrings of the Poet in us all? 

What is the that makes the Keys the sublime elixir to raise your spirits and brighten your soul? Leaving you so much better when you cross that bridge back than when you came??

When it bites you...and it can bite you HARD, that Keys bug can only be fed by having you own, as Jimmy Buffett sang, "Salty Piece of Land".

That's where your humble Conchquistador is at your Service.

As evidence and for your discerning pleasure, I offer my latest listing! A Standout home with spectacular open-water views.  A True tonic for the Soul...Caribbean Elegance and Tropical Chic.

4 North Drive, Key Largo  
Description: Everything you could want in a Florida Keys Home! Wide Water Views, Exceptional Finishes, Superb Dockage, and Caribbean Elegance. Come home to comfortable living spaces accentuated with Stone-worked bathrooms and a Granite and Stainless Kitchen. Kick back and relax or Entertain, this turnkey 2 bedroom + Studio CBS home is perfectly suited for both. World Class Fishing and Diving are mere minutes from your custom built Dock. A quick drive from the Mainland but an entire World Away!

2 Bedrooms / 3 Bathrooms
Mile Marker 105
List Price: $1,124,900

View Detailed Brochure with Mapped Location Here

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Monday, May 4, 2015

This Blog is On Fire!! Best Two-Months In Hits Since We Began!

Smokin' Hot!!!
Careful!! This Blog is Red Hot!
Like a mouth full of Sriracha, this Blog has been on fire over the last few months, cranking out a continuing string of hits.

Seems Nationally and Internationally, folks like you are enjoying my skewed bent on Keys Real Estate and our easy going, slightly eccentric lifestyle here in America's Caribbean, the Fabulous Florida Keys.

March and April's numbers have been the best since this Blog started in 2008, and almost 400 posts ago.

And the Hits just Keep on Comin'!

This Blog is a labor of Love, so much so that I can't, in good conscience, call it...Labor!

Shaded are just some of the Home Countires of Visters who dig you Conquistador!
I am humbled that some of the Countries that enjoy the Blog are:

The United States, France, Russia, Germany, Canada, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Brazil, Turkey, and Poland among others.

We are now in syndication, as well, through multiple outlets, all itchin' for some Key Lime Pie!
So grab a Rum Runner, Margarita, or an Ice Cold, Sand Bar Sunday from the Islamorada Beer Company, turn your speakers up, rub in some 45, slip on your bathing suit or bikini, or hell..go au natural, and soak in the Vibe!

Your Conchquistador will keep on dishin' out that spicy Chowder that is our unique Island Charm.

Ready to have your Home get phenomenal exposure?? Put the experience and expertise of The Conchquistador to work for you! For more information on the outstanding real estate opportunities that exist in the Keys, call me at 305.439.7730 or email me at