Friday, May 29, 2015

It's Our Secret OK??? Lobster Crawl

It's our secret OK???

Always one to keep you on the inside track of what's cool and going on in the Florida Keys, your humble Conchquitstador has unearthed the coolest place in quite a long time to come around. 

The Lobster Crawl Bar and Grill, located in the Fiesta Key Campground, is my new hotspot to check out, for relaxing, and enjoying a mouthwatering meal and/or an adult beverage, or two, or three, or ..., in the Florida Keys.

Now, now, now, don't start getting visions of toothless trailer trash walking around cozying up for a beer, and looking for a smoke, and asking if you would like to date his sister-wife.  No, This place is something else all entirely different. Cool with a Capital C, Hot with a capital H, and a Big V for Florida Keys Vibe.

Tiki Dining at its best!

Romantic Table for 2 at the water's edge
Totally refurbished, revamped, and revived and now operated by Restaurateur and Caterer Extraordinaire, Mike Forster, of Mangrove Mike's fame, The Lobster Crawl Bar and Grill is the ideal place to pull up either by car or by boat, chow down on great Florida Keys fair, enjoy a full bar, lots of big screen TVs, Live music, and relaxing fun while taking in sublime open water views with sand between your toes.

Currently open for lunch and dinner, and an ideal spot for Weddings or Vow renewals.

Treat yourself to a great experience. Located just past the SW side of the Channel 5 Bridge (in my opinion, the bridge with the best views), on historic Fiesta Key.

Looking forward to seeing you there for a cold one.

Relaxing at The Lobster Crawl Bar and Grill...The Florida Keys...Conchquistador Style

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