Friday, November 30, 2018

And Exhale ...The Hurricane Season Comes To An End and the Keys Are Blessed. It's Time for Neptune's Ball!

Like a good cigarette after sex (and I don't smoke), or a cup of coffee or espresso after dinner, or maybe a Brandy or Cognac. 
One can let go, and let that ...tension...dissipate.

The Tension?? The HT, Hurricane Tension, a type of PTSD you develop after being part of a serious Hurricane. 
And when June 1st rolls around, those that know what I'm talking about, realize that there is a menacing tightness that lingers until today, November 30th.

And, as we here in the Keys are only 1 year removed from the catastrophe of Irma, and in light Maria's and Michael's devastation,  that... stress, never really goes away during Season.  
One mention of a disturbance off of Africa and that hair rises, as does your pulse.... wondering, praying, that it doesn't come ... HERE.

This year, the Keys were blessed. And thankfully so, as the rebuilding efforts in the Lower Keys still have some ways to go. The scars need to mend. 
Our prayers, thoughts, and relief efforts go out to those affected by Michael. We know their pain and the challenges that lie before them.

Your Conchquistador has been through, Irma, and Wilma, and Katrina, Irene, and in the  Heart of Andrew (an experience like no other).  I know this stress first hand.  It's one of the reasons I am so adamant that my clientele are well prepared for the possibilities that exist. That their properties are ready, and that they themselves will be safe.

Yes, exhale my friends, let that HT, Hurricane Tension, subside. The Season is over. Put away your shutters and store your supplies.  

Of Course, in true Keys fashion, we are actually having a celebration party, entitled Neptune's Ball, at the super cool Heartbreakers Brewhouse, with musicians, craft beers, hookah lounge, a paddle board give away, and a custom sculpture burning at midnight!  
It's going to be a lot of fun!! 

November 30th is one of my favorite days of the year and June 1st, my least.

And for the 2018 Hurricane Season...let's tell that Bitch, "Na-na, Na-na, Hey-hey, Good-bye!"

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