Monday, February 8, 2016

Numbers, The Keys Real Estate Market, and Dirty Hands.

What's in a Number?
They say that numbers don't lie.  But in truth, that can depend on what numbers, and who's showing them to you. 
Statistics can be funny things.  Supposedly empirical evidence and ... yet, they can me manipulated by the criteria used to garner them.

That's why it's so important, as an agent, to have your hands in the dirt, so to speak of the real estate market.
Really get in there and till the soil, actually see the genesis of roots sprouting of a particular movement or shift in the market.

Also, that is why it is so very important to work with real estate professionals who work full time in a given market.  Certainly not trying to diminish the efforts of those in my profession that do not have the opportunity to peruse this line of work full time, but rather want to convey the importance of intimate knowledge of a given market.

Especially here in the Florida Keys, one of the most unique Real estate Markets there is, with a multitude of sub markets that change by the Key, water side, and Mile Marker.  To paint a picture of our entire Market with broad brushstrokes can give a very incomplete rendering of information, that can be critical to your determination of what is and isn't a great real estate value.

With all the incredible existing and burgeoning technology out there, its easy to get caught up in its supposed simplicity, and let automated apps, each with their unique algorithms, think for us and determine what a particular property is worth.  These are great tools, but they are no match for an experienced agent with really dirty hands.

Let me put it this way.  If both me and my friend Captain Matt Bellinger had the same GPS coordinates for a great fishing spot, I
can almost guarantee you that he will out-fish me every day of the week and Twice on Sundays!  Why?  Because this is what he does, day in and day out.  He has amassed years of knowledge and know how, and is keen to minute and major adaptations that need to be made. Because he is a PROFESSIONAL with really dirty fishy hands...No Offense Matt!  His hands are dirty in the field of what he does. And he loves it.

Numbers are great, and with the revived health of the Real Estate Market, many homeowners are once again telling themselves, "I can do it myself" or  "I can do it with the agent who will cost me least".  Be careful, those numbers just might steer you into a critical mistake.  It is essential to realize that this may not be what you do everyday or that agent might not have the background needed to assist you.

When you meet with an agent ask them if they know what the absorption rate for your area is, how did they come to your valuation?  Did they go back six months or a year? How does a particular property compare to what has sold (past), what is under contract (present), and what is actively on the market (future). 

What... Numbers...did they use?

Then ... look at their hands...and see if they're Real Estate Dirty.

Work with an Agent whose hands are Real Estate Filthy.  Put the experience and expertise of The Conchquistador to work for you! For more information on the outstanding real estate opportunities that exist in the Keys, call me at 305.439.7730 or email me at