Friday, November 6, 2015

WOW. As Much Art, As It Is A Home. Mariposa, My Newest Keys Listing - $2,999,000

Its easy to get complacent in life.  Develop a, been there, done that attitude. Sometimes, the shine can dull and the luster fade.  Sometimes, life goes on, long after the thrill, of livin' it is gone.  

DAMN!!! Oh No, I'm quoting friggin' John Mellencamp Cougar Mellencamp Cougar Mellencamp!!

Anyway, the sentiments of Jack and Diane not withstanding, after so many trips around the Sun, it can be hard to be impressed.

And THEN, it happens...The spark, the unique... The WOW.

And when I say WOW, I mean W...O...W
Architecture meeting Art.
Design, Thought, and Concentration to detail, on a most impressive scale, all cleverly shrouded in a minimalist vibe.
Both subliminal...and Sublime.

So what is it that has my juices flowing and created some intense pep in my proverbial step?
In a Word?

Mariposa, the Spanish word for Butterfly. A creature of immense beauty and the inspiration for the design of my latest Florida Keys Listing, that I share with our Broker, Joy Martin.

Perched on 120 feet of Ocean, beachfront magnificence, this Gossamer, rises from the sand like a Babylonian tower, clad in an exterior of coral rock, and resting on almost an acre and a half of the best of Grassy Key.

Evoking a super Zen vibe, this home is huge by Keys standards, at over 5100 sq ft of interior living space, and has a multitude of bells and whistles, some of which you can see, and quite a few that you purposely don't.

Each of its 5 bedrooms has its own en suite bathroom. Doors cascade and pocket.  
The Master Bedroom is a study of Light and Sea.
In fact, the whole concept of the Home is to bring the visual of the Ocean, the Water, the Sea, INTO the Home.
This is achieved through a multitude of floor to ceiling windows and industrial French Doors, that offer light, light , and more light.

Floating Staircases, Glass Wine Room, pivoting multi-ton doors, an awesome Summer Kitchen, imported stone, and the infinity pool of infinity pools are just some of the, "Oh yeah, they went there", amenities.

The Architecture, Construction, and Design Elements are so distinctive, that the owner, who is also the mastermind and builder behind this creation,was featured on a nationally televised program highlighting this home.  Yes, it's that cool.

Now, the details:

58418 Overseas Highway, Grassy Key
List price:$2,999,000
5 Bedrooms / 6.1 Bathrooms
Mile Marker 58
Description: Discover Mariposa: Unparalleled and unique, this stunning Florida Keys estate is remarkable in every way The spectacular architecture inspired the name of this magnificent oceanfront estate that spans 120 ft. along the beach on Grassy Key in the beautiful Florida Keys. Secluded behind a privacy gate, this Bali influenced contemporary home was painstakingly built and designed by the owner to standards in which only the absolute best of everything would do. Floor to ceiling impact windows and doors invite you into this 5 bdrm Contemporary residence on the glorious multi-hued waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Elegant, minimalist architecture, high-quality and designer finishes give a Zen vibe of "Cool"

View Detailed Brochure with Photos and Mapped Location Here

"Butterflies are self-propelled flowers."
                    - Robert A Heinlien

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