Sunday, March 9, 2014

Stop The Presses!!!! Here Comes My Florida Keys Real Estate Resource Update for February 2014!

Supply and Demand ...Supply and Demand.
Right now here in the Florida Keys...we are out of Whack with Supply and Demand.

Like itchy Meth Heads  not unlike those seen in Breaking Bad, there are Buyers here in the Florida Keys that are HARDCORE jonesing for some fresh new Real Estate offerings.

They are Hungry.  I'm about to start walking around in a Trench Coat with brochures stapled to the interior lining, hustling Buyers at places like Holiday Isle, (Yes I Called It Holiday Isle!!! PCI?? Hmmm that's for another post),  going pssst, "Hey I got some premium Canal Front for ya.... How about a hit of some Buccaneer Point 3/2 or a dose of Venetian Shores wide water??"

The thing is we NEED more inventory, although the numbers might skew what I saying, in the trenches, Buyers are having a hard time finding what they are looking for.  The quality listings are selling fast, but there are also a good deal of properties that are OVERPRICED.  And they are overpriced because they are trying to jump on the bandwagon of the sales prices going UP, as evidenced by the jumps seen in the report below.  But these properties are outside the realistic numbers Buyers are willing to pay, and therefore we have a glut of listings "sitting there" and a harsh absence of truly sellable, market conscious properties for sale.

And Thus we have the tweeks roaming the streets and High Seas.

An interesting tidbit as well is that the List Price to Sale Price ratio has stayed constant at just under 8%, a question that I am often asked.


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