Sunday, March 2, 2014

Starting Tomorrow, The Pirates Take Back The Waves ...Air Waves That Is.

I cannot tell you how jazzed I am about this!

Our main local radio station here in the Upper Florida Keys, is changing it's format...a bit.
Good Bye Corporate Homoginized, Stale Milque-Toast, Clear Channel, and Hello Florida Keys centric, grab a Conchtail, it's 5 O'Clock Here, here's what's going on, and the trop-music you (and our beloved Tourists) want to hear, Local programming!!

Starting tomorrow, the Pirates take back the waves ...  air waves that is.

Sun 103.1 FM has been purchase by a group that is committed to local programming and locally preferred music.

As a sponsor of two of the stations long running talk shows, I and many others have been pushing for this type of change.  Including playing more trop-rock and Key'z tunes,  YES that means MORE Jimmy Buffett!!! Butch up!!

Ok, yes, some of are locals are fed up with Buffett et al and trop-reggea tunes.  BUT!!! The guy and his family escaping from Cleavland or Chicago, or Pittsburgh, WANTS to tune on the radio and hear THAT!! when their cruisin' in the Keys.  And since their tourist $$$ keep our property taxes low, may I suggest Son of A Son of a Sailor??

No more stale AEROSMITH!! and I like Aerosmith, hell I Sing Aerosmith, But we are the Keys...Let's Sound like the Keys.

Maybe I am a bit hyper about this, but you must know that when I was a Kid in Miami, I used to listen in at night to the then local station, WXOS and revel in the Keys-z music they would play and even get off on the local commercials BECAUSE it gave such a great TASTE of the Keys.  That...Essence was there.  And I can tell you many of my Customers who are out of the area seek the very same thing.
That is why they revel in Captain Matt's Fishing reports.

To those who do not embrace the change, may I suggest an iPod.

Here is what Local Radio personality, my friend , and architect of the transition, Joey Naples had to say:

"Big changes start tomorrow morning! SUN FM is now owned by Florida Keys Media.....No more Clear Channel! This is going to be incredible for all of us! We will be live and local! We will be covering our local High School sports live! As always, we will be playing all your favorite classic rock songs! The line up goes like this......K.C. Stuart in the morning....6 am till 10....he'll not only be rocking it out for ya, but he'll be bringing you all the info you need to know to start your day in paradise! Then at 10 am it's the King of Cool (yours truly!) for Joey in the MidDay! Fun, Classic Rock, weather, fishing, name it!
Then at 2 pm it's Bill Hoebee for the Hoebee in the Afternoon Experiment! the funniest guy on the radio! So please join us tomorrow morning starting at 6am......This is going to be fun! more thing...we are going to be so local that if you lose your dog, call me and I will put it on the air! Love you guys!"

How's THAT for Local programming!!
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