Friday, October 25, 2013

Your Conchquistador Congratulates My Friend and Colleague Joel Young On Being Named, "REALTOR of The Year",by The FL Keys Board of REALTORS!

Sometimes in Life you are allowed the opportunity to work with one of the "Good Guys".

Let's face it, when some people still think of a Real Estate Agent in South Florida, thoughts of  guys with Pencil Thin mustaches that they twirl at the ends while they impart the wondrous value of swamp land come to mind. And yes... there were those unsavory characters that have sullied our reputation as Real Estate Professions here in South Florida and it has taken a considerable amount of time to turn the tide.

Joel Young being Awarded "REALTOR of  The Year" by The Florida Keys Board of Realtors
But then comes, Joel Young....A Galahadian version of what we, as vessels of our profession, should be!  Joel, has just been named by The Florida Keys Board of Realtors as their "Realtor of The Year", and boy did they get that RIGHT!

I have had the privilege of working with Joel, here at American Caribbean Real Estate for three years, and can personally attest to his work ethic, community involvement, and Heck...Ethics in general!For Joel, There is no other road, than the High One.

Joel, a previous recipient of The Board's "Rookie of The Year' honor, has also served as a member of the MLS Board with me, and now is a member of the Master Board.  As well, he was just named to The Board of Directors for the Islamorada Chamber of Commerce.  Joel's commitment to Community Service is also quite evident here in our little slice of Paradise.

And when it comes to Real Estate, Joel is an Ace.  Having worked with happy clientele with Properties ranging from Multi-Million Dollar Waterfront Estates to Condos and Mobile Homes, Joel's Contract Knowledge, Enthusiasm, and Energy are Second to none...Wait... Not counting yours truly...LOL.

Joel is a Major Component and Asset of our unique Team here at American Caribbean ( Which in includes Past REALTOR of The Year, Bill Belian, and past Rookie of The Year John Vlad), and I am very happy to call him a colleague, but ven more importantly a Friend!

You can contact Joel at 305.432.6610 or visit his website at

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