Friday, October 11, 2013

"Yes, I Am A Pirate...200 Years Too Late" Your Conchquistador Was Part of This week's Flotilla Protest!

Like Jimmy Buffet sang about being a Pirate too late, your Conchquistador still has a bit of Buccaneer in him!!

As most of you are aware, this crazy Government shutdown has forced the closure of Everglades National Park, the source of livelihood for many of our local fishing guides.
These poor guys are taking it in the proverbial shorts!!
And if the Guides aren't making money, they don't go to restaurants, spend money, and so on and on it goes with the financial ripple, that can even, eventually affect real estate in the long run.

So, what is a Pirate like me supposed to do??? Protest!!!  Along with about 200 of my Keys Brethren.
Yes, about 200 boats, including my vessel the Conch-Keys-Tador, took part this Wednesday, in a peaceful, but very vocal protest of the Park's closure, that certainly got the "Powers That Be's" ear.
Perched at the Park's Border at Cowpen's Cut off Islamorda, we let our sentiments be KNOWN!

Just some of the Many Boats that Took Part in The Flotilla Protest.

Below is a written statement from my friend Captain Bill Kelly,
" Approximately 150 boats carrying more than 500 people assembled Wednesday, October 9th, at the Cowpen's Cut just off Plantation Key in Islamorada to peacefully protest the closure of Everglades National Park to all user activity.  All of the national park closures are having significant, negative, economic impacts on the communities that surround them, not just on fishermen but lodging establishments, restaurants and support services that enhance the park experiences through various outdoor activities.

Although members of Congress and furloughed government workers continue to receive their paychecks, fishing guides are  experiencing a major loss of income due to the closures with no relief in sight.  Our congressman, Rep. Joe Garcia, has voted for and continues to push legislation to open the parks.  Rep. Garcia steadfastly supports our position that citizens and visitors to our national parks should not be penalized by our government's inability to come up with a balanced budget and appropriately address the Nation's financial affairs.

Well-known Capt. Randy Towe of Islamorada, the primary organizer of the rally, deserves a debt of gratitude for his efforts in creating national awareness on the importance of keeping our national parks in full operation to benefit our local economies and in respect for our citizens and international visitors to these venues.

Capt. Bill Kelly, Executive Director
Florida Keys Commercial Fishermen's Association'

Below is a response from Congressman Joe Garcia:
 “To everyone gathered in peaceful protest against the closing of Everglades National Park, I stand with you today. As you make your plight – and those of your families, communities and local economies – known in Washington and across the county, I regret my absence. But know that I support your efforts and will be your advocate in Washington. Know that I, like you, will spread the messages of those affected by the shutdown, and fight for its resolution, until these needless and dangerous games being played with the livelihoods of the American people have been put to a stop. It is time to get the country back to work,” 

Let's Hope our this ridiculousness comes to and end quickly and that our honest, hard working, friends can get back to making a living!!!

Though the canons don't thunder and there's nothing to plunder, I don't just want to sit around and wait.

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