Tuesday, October 29, 2013

As Per Request, Pet Friendly Establishments in The Florida Keys. Waiter, Can I Get A Bone??

It's funny,
Your Conchquistdor is now taking Blog requests!!

I recently posted in Facebook, that I was enjoying breakfast at Robbie's in Islamorada with my faithful canine, Donatello in tow, and that we were lucky to have so many Pet-Friendly eateries here in the Keys.
This prompted one of my loyal readers to remark that I should do a Blog post with locations of others.
Great Idea!!!
And Here you go:

Keys People love their pets....and they REALLY LOVE their Dogs.  The Florida Keys, in my humble opinion, are the most accepting and in many cases, most welcoming of patrons accompanied by Man's Best Friend.

I have had many transactions that had to take into account how the Buyer's pet(s) would fare in their new surroundings

It is quite common to sit on a patio, at a local eatery, and see several tables that have well behaved dogs aside their Owners..  Many servers will, quite often, bring your dog a doggie bowl with water and even a treat or two.  (  Hmmm you can guess who gets great tips!)

Of course, there are some ground rules.  Dogs must be well behaved, they must be on a leash, and not fed from the table, and so on, and each establishment may have their particulars as well.

Now, we here at American Caribbean are really serious about our love for pets.  Along with our sister real estate company, Marr Properties. we created a charitable arm, called MarrVelous Pet Rescues, whose purpose is to find Forever Homes for distressed rescued pets.  MarrVelous even holds a monthly, "Yappy Hour" on a revolving basis at many of the establishments listed below, where patrons can bring their pet and socialize, and maybe even find a new loving dog to take home.
(I can just imagine two male dogs talking when they get home about a female dog they met and saying "Man, that Bitch was Hot!!" Yes Yes, I know, poor taste, but hey it was just "sitting there")

Below are just some of the Establishments in the Upper Keys that are pet friendly:

Conch House - Key Largo

A Recent 'Yappy Hour" at Snook's in Key Largo
Snapper’s - Key Largo

Pilot House - Key Largo

Sundowner -Key Largo

Sharkey’s - Key Largo
Snook's - Key Largo

Island Grille - Windley Key

Marker 88 -Plantation Key

Smuggler’s Cove - Windley Key
Hog Heaven - Windley Key

Taster’s - Tavernier

Lorelei - Upper Matecumbe

Postcard Inn – outside - Windley Key

Island Grille at Mandalay - Key Largo

Islamorada Fish Company - Upper Matecumbe

Big Chill – outside -Key Largo

Hungry Tarpon, aka "Robbie's" - Lower Matecumbe

Buzzard’s Roost - Key Largo

Shipwrecks - Key Largo

Gilbert’s - Cross Key on Jewfish Creek

Alabama Jack’s - Card Sound at the foot of the bridge

These are just some of the great establishments that welcome our pets.  Please give them your business when you have your pet in tow.

Gives a whole new meaning to "Doggie Bag"

Thank You Kathleen.  What a great idea for a post!

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