Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Exquisite Real Estate, Food and Wine - What a Great Way to Spend a Mid Week Afternoon!

What a great way to spend a mid week afternoon!

A Tantalizing Combination of Exquisite Real Estate, Food and Wine!

One of the great tools that we, as Realtors, use are Brokers' Open Houses also known as Caravans, though there is a slight difference.  Brokers Opens are open usually for a few hours, while Caravans are progressive and are open for 15-20 minutes, then everyone piles on to the next one, like a roving band of property selling Gypsies

Brokers Opens are Open House, but geared primarily to Brokers and by that we mean agents too.  The Public is of course welcome, but the gist of these Opens are to give Agents an opportunity to preview a property so when that magical moment arises when a buyer asks them for a particular type of property, the agent can confidently chime, "Why I know the perfect home, i just saw it.".  At which point the agent looks like a star, contracts are written, boat loads of money are exchanged and everything is right in the world.  OK, I exaggerate a bit, but in reality, in my almost 20 years of selling homes, I find Brokers Opens to be one of the most effective tools in my marketing arsenal.  Of course to get those Brokers to visit, you MUST bribe them with food!!! Schnorers that we are (old Yiddish word - a Polite and benign cross between Opportunist and Freeloader), Agents smell free food like sharks pick up blood in the water!

So come on out and enjoy some of the Best Islamorada has to offer!

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