Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Here's Looking at You Kid!!! Bogart Estate Mulling a Film Festival in The Keys!

I mean...How could you POSSIBLY go wrong????  A film Staring Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Edwrd G Robinson, Lionel Barrymore,Written and Directed by John Houston AND set in The Florida Keys with a Hurricane on the Horizon???  Murder...Intrigue...Seminoles!!!
"Key Largo" is Film Noir at it's finest!!

The Little town of Rock Harbor  loved the Film so much they changes the name to Key Largo!!!
And now that Little town may just become home to the Humphrey Bogart Film Festival!!

Read more about it below in Steve Gibbs article in the Keysnews.com

"KEY LARGO -- A long-time effort to find a home for a Humphrey Bogart film festival may have come to fruition.
"It makes intuitive sense to hold a festival in a town that changed its name from Rock Harbor to Key Largo in response to the movie by that name," said Robbert de Klerk, a co-managing partner of the Humphrey Bogart Estate.

In September de Klerk visited at the behest of the Key Largo Chamber of Commerce to discuss the idea. Chamber President Jackie Harder said she looks forward to further exploring the concept.
"We're open to strengthening the connection between Key Largo and the Humphrey Bogart Estate," she told the Free Press.
But de Klerk's budget for such a festival may have somewhat dampened her enthusiasm.

"The last budget we put together was $150,000 to put on such a festival, and [Key Largo] may not realize that much during the first year," he told the Free Press. "But, as we told the chamber, we are not looking for a large payment. We will align ourselves with a local group that could benefit financially from the festival."
De Klerk said the Murray E. Nelson Government and Cultural Center could serve as the venue since Key Largo lacks a downtown with a movie theater.
"There are several venues that may work," he said. "Upstairs at the Marriott Convention Center or in its parking lot may work. We could even set up in the field behind the Nelson center."
The idea gathered more steam following a Dec. 7 article in the Free Press about an effort to restore the African Queen boat, a longtime Key Largo tourist attraction.
The boat was featured in the classic Humphrey Bogart-Katharine Hepburn film of the same name.
Last week the Humphrey Bogart Estate posted a comment on its Facebook page calling the planned restoration of the boat "wonderful news."
"The boat is stored in Key Largo, so there are now two Bogie connections to Key Largo. In addition, it's a pretty cool place to visit. Please press 'like' if you think the Bogart Estate should explore the creation of an annual Humphrey Bogart Film Festival in Key Largo," the page states.

As of Monday 1,771 fans had clicked "Like" and had posted more than 80 positive comments.
"If you plan it, we will come!" wrote Amanda Boutwell.
"I think it's a great idea for a Bogie film festival. 'The African Queen' and 'Casablanca' are two of my favorite movies," wrote Kristine C. Stephen.
Rosie Gates-Malone wrote simply "Yes, yes, and yes!"
The comments have apparently encouraged de Klerk and his co-managing partner in the Bogart estate, the famous actor's son Stephen Bogart, to draw a sharper focus on Key Largo.
De Klerk said April or May might be ideal for a 2013 festival.
"I have to believe that we can put together a successful festival there," de Klerk said.
But the people of Key Largo need to make their voices heard, he added.
"If the chamber can muster the confidence that it's worth the effort to put Key Largo on the map as the home of the Humphrey Bogart film festival, it just may happen.""

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