Friday, March 18, 2011

It's Tomorrow!! Woofstock...A Day of Peace Paws and Music....Keys Fun at Its Best!!

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OK, so down here in the Keys we have some incredible and notably quirky events...Fantasy Fest, Conch Republic Days, Hemingway Days, Pirate's Fest, and now we can add one more that is sure to cause a few to howl....WoofStock!!! A Day of Peace, Paws, and Music!

Obviously inspired by the iconic 60's festival Woodstock, Woofstock is now in its second year and is already a much anticipated annual event, that takes place at Founder's Park on Plantation Key and features some great local talent including my favorite local band, The Birthday Gang.

The brainchild of MarrVelous Pet Rescues and Adoptions, the standout charity organization headed by our firm's Broker, Joy Martin, and run by some of my friends and colleagues, who do an outstanding job fostering abandoned Pets as they find them new homes, this event has been exploding here in the Pet-loving Keys and is now co-sponsored by Iams and Eukanuba among others.

There is an excellent article here at , that tells you all about the great work that they do, and more about this super fun festival that encourages you to bring your well-behaved dog, that includes dog diving exhibitions, Dog/Owner look-alike competition, and a wealth of booths that offer all types of pet services and information.  The only thing missing is Wavy-Gravy saying we have some bad Milk Bones going around this morning. (If you did not get that reference...there is no explaining it to you..LOL).

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