Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas In The Keys... Wishing you Laughter, Love, and Joy ... Tropical Style

Christmas in the Keys.
Forget the snow....Gimme the Sand!
Much prefer Santa Sleigh being pulled across our sparkling waters by a Pod of Dolphins.

I love Christmas down here.

Palm trees strung with lights ... lobster trap Christmas trees, and Hogfish for Dinner rather than ham.

Yes it's  Different down here, a little twisted and a little bent, just like your Conchquistador.

But one thing remains the same.  The spirit of Love for your family, neighbor and fellow man.

With so much crap going down throughout the World right now, let's remember THAT Spirit today, and throughout the year, and spread Peace and Joy to each other, regardless of faith, color, gender, or whether they like the Bayside or Ocean, fish with live bait or artificials, or if they prefer Lobster to Stone Crab.

Yes, there are things that separate us, but Love...Love unites.

And LOVE is abundant in the Florida Keys!!!

Your Conchquistador wishes you and your Loved Ones a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukkah (late), Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Yule, a Merry Festivus or whatever you celebrate during this festive time of Year!!

All the Very Best!!

Now give me a Margarita!  It's 85 degrees out here.

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