Sunday, December 13, 2015

Big Dick, You Certainly Left An Impression. We Will Miss You.

Yes, I know the title sounds salacious, but unfortunately the Keys lost a icon recently that provided us so much entertainment and laughter.   Jack Snipes aka "Big Dick" of  Big Dick and The Extenders

Big Dick and The Extenders where THE Keys band for many years, especially during the 80s and 90s and held court at Woody's in Islamorada, long before it became the strip club that it is now.
I enjoyed quite a few, fun nights there listening to their sets and dancing the night away, with their own brand of bawdy, cheeky, fun.

Later christened as the Big Richard and the Family Fun Band, Jack and his crew held sway at Lorelei for quite some time, providing a more toned down but always fun show.

Today, The Keys will remember and honor this local legend of snarky mirth, with a Celebration of Life, with a party and BBQ at Lorelei from 12-4, culminating with a ceremony to spread his ashes in Florida Bay, and then a further celebration at his old haunt, Woody's.  Not to worry, they are having the girls put their clothes back on for This party, though I am certain, Jack would have approved if they left them off!  LOL

Please come by as we say Good Bye and Thank you to a Keys Entertainment Legend!

RIP, Jack and put on a Great Show!

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