Saturday, August 16, 2014

Everyone Loves a Clean Bottom!! Come On Out To "The Sand Bar Clean Up". Fun and Maybe Even Treasure!

The Holiday Isle Sandbar.
That bastion of good times and Florida Keys Fun.

Countless memories that many can't remember the next day have been created there.
They Idyllic spot to anchor up, soak up the Sun, and get down to the serious Keys business of...Relaxing

Our Sandbar is known World-WIde!! Hell, it's even inspired a locally crafted Beer!!! +Sand Bar Sunday", brewed by The Islamorada Beer Company.  And the folks at Islamorada Beer Company and my friend Captain Matt Bellinger of Bamboo Charters are organizing something Fun and Special, that's great for our Sandbar and for the environment as well.

It's the Sand Bar Clean Up!

Like a great nightclub that looks fantastic at night, and horrendously trashed the next morning when the house lights are up, so it can go with our Sandbar.  Yes, unfortunately some of the visitors do not steward the location as they should, leaving it messier then when they arrived. So, Captain Matt and the gang are organizing this fun community clean up, great for young and old alike

Starting at 9am on Saturday 8/16, bring your mask and snorkel and join the fun as we clean the bottom of beer bottles etc.

Funny thing  though, you may fine Buried Treasure!! Maybe not doubloons, but rather watches, rings, earrings, coins, and more.  I know several people who have Cashed-in on what they have found after a busy weekend at the Sand Bar. So if not for Altruistic reasons head out for...Capitalistic ones!

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