Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Secret is Out! Come Out to The Banana Hut for the Conch-Tails Radio Show, Sponsored By Your Conchquistador!

OK, The Secret is coming out.

No, not the location of my Honey-Hole ( For the uninitiated, I swear that that is not a porn reference), but rather the location of one of my favorite go-to spots for music, great drinks, and fantastic fun.

The Banana Hut at Smuggler's Cove.

Yes, we all know about Smuggler's Cove, but how many of you know about the Banana Hut?  (Again, Not a porn reference)
The Banana Hut is just the coolest place to soak up Keys fun, And Now they have a Raw Bar!

Perched on Snake Creek across from Venetian Shores, right at the Bridge, it affords you the option to visit by Boat, my favorite way to get there, or by road. Usually, The Banana Hut is opened primarily on the Weekends.  But now, The Conchtails Radio Show, that I am a proud Sponsor of, will be broadcasting there on Wednesdays, from 6-7 PM!  How Cool it That???!!!

Come on down to join the fun, with Joey Naples, Captain Matt Bellinger of Bamboo Charters and the Crew where it's always "High Tide" (sorry, Inside Joke..those that get it..Know), or if you are stuck in the real world outside of the Keys, listen in WORLD-WIDE on Iheart Radio at Sun 103.

Work with an Agent who has insider tips to the Keys Lifestyle.  Put the experience and expertise of The Conchquistador to work for you! For more information on the outstanding real estate opportunities that exist in the Keys, call me at 305.439.7730 or email me at

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