Thursday, November 28, 2013

Forget Turkey....It's Lobster and Stone Crab. It's How We Do Thanksgiving in the Keys!!

Not sure if Squanto had this in mind when he hooked up with the Pilgrims to celebrate the Autumn Harvest Meal we now call Thanksgiving, but down here, we say screw the Turkey ,and break out some Keys fare to be Thankful for!!

As I write this at Casa de Conchquistador, my Keys Bungalow in Key Largo's Sunset Point, I can smell the aroma of Pumpkin Pie baking (well gotta have Something Traditional), hear the sounds of Jimmy on the stereo, taste the damn good Bloody Mary in hand, see gorgeous Bougainvilleas in full fiery bloom,  but I am touched, touched by the fact that I am privileged to have some many wonderful clients and friends.

So to celebrate Thanksgiving, we are, like the Pilgrims, enjoying our own Autumn Harvest of Fresh Lobster and Stone Crab that
we went out and caught. Add to that, a little homemade fish dip made from smoked Spanish Mackerel that we recently pulled in, and we've got the foundation for a meal that would make those Puritans wanna get down and boogie.  A few Tropical Cocktails, a ride in the Convertible and I am certain that there would be quite a few Scarlet Letters being sewn on Friday!!!

One of the Greatest benefits of this real estate career though, is the opportunity to transition Clients into Friends, and my Lovely wife and I look forward to jumping in the boat for a quick cruise to some new Friends' place for desserts afterwards.

As we do, I will smell the Ocean and Bay, hear some  Zac Brown blowing in the salty wind, taste another Bloody Mary, see the stunning Sun set in the azure water hoping to see the mythical Green Flash, and I can only hope to ... Touch You, dear Reader, as you have touched me!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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