Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ten Keymandments for Keys Conservation!

The Florida Keys are an incredible destination for travelers the world over.  
That being said, it is imperative, that in order to maintain this tropical paradise, we as locals, and visitors alike adhere to a few "Keymandments".

I saw this great list of directives on the Florida Keys and Keys West website at fla-keys.com, geared at educating our valued visitors on the protocols to Keys living and conservation:

‘Ten Keymandments’ for Keys Travelers
While the Bible's Ten Commandments advise people what not to do, these "10 Keymandments" are designed to guide visitors in what you CAN do to have meaningful, memorable vacations while respecting and helping preserve the Florida Keys environment.
The Ten Keymandments
Great new button on the Fla Keys and Key West Website
Plant a coral (or adopt one of the cute little things, but don't touch them on the reef).

Use a mooring buoy at dive sites. (save your back and leave the anchor alone).

Support the wildlife (volunteer food, funds or time to a local wild bird center).

Take out the trash (especially if it’s floating in the water).

Capture a lionfish (any time and any size — we can show you how).

Leave a digital footprint (share pictures with fans, friends and followers).

Hike it, bike it or hoof it (it’s low on eco-impact and high on fresh tropical air).

Catch dinner (and release all the fish you know you can’t eat).

Conserve vs. consume (reduce, reuse and recycle even on vacation).

Get off the beaten path (you can hike, bike, walk, kayak or paddleboard along Keys trails).

Make sure to do your part to keep our Keys pristine!

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