Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nostalgic Hotel Signs and The Shoestrings Weekends Blog.

As a compulsive Blogger, I can appreciate other really good and entertaining Blogs.
One of my favorites is the "Shoestrings Weekends Blog", written by Art Boza who lives in Key West and writes about all kinds of super cool things to do in the Keys on a miniscule budget.
When you get the chance check it out, as you might find a new adventure to undertake!

Below is a recent post of his:

"Nostalgic Motel Signs

A while back on the internet I couldn’t believe how many websites and photo sites like Flickr have 100′s of groups with 1,000′s of photo and 100,000′s followers did I realize that there’s a massive amount of people who love looking at old nostalgic hotel signs! There are literally 100′s of hotels, motels & resorts along the 126.7 mile path down the Key’s to Key West with plenty of older style signage. Here’s what I’d say are the two best that you’ll find heading towards Paradise on US-1 South.
You can find the first one, The Seafarer Resort Hotel (seen below) with Old Man Salt Of The Sea lighting the way with his lantern at Mile Marker 97.9 on the right side of the road in Key Largo… and yes, the lantern really lights up! The second is a little further down called the Rainbow Bend Resort & Fishing Camp known for their FREE motorboat rentals for paying hotel quests. The Rainbow Bend sign can’t be missed on the left side of the road near Mile Marker 58 at the BEND in the road… hmm, wonder how they came up with Rainbow Bend as a name? :-)
These are but two of a number of antique, old & nostalgic hotel signs you’ll see. I assure you that if these two don’t tickle your fancy then there’s plenty more along the way to temp your eyes!"
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