Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Introducing the "Conchtails Radio Show" Live from the Postcard Inn at Holiday Isle Sponsored by Your Humble Conchquistador!!!

I am  soooo Freaking Jazzed!!
It's Conchtails Time at  The Holiday Isle!
As the old saying goes, "The more things Change, the more they remain the same."  Never have truer words been spoken, especially for me.
As a kid, Sunday's at the Holiday Isle, now Postcard Inn, were a tradition.  After a typical day of snorkeling the turquoise and indigo waters around Indian Key, my parents yearned for a late afternoon cocktail and The Holiday Isle was THE place to go.
We had our own routine wherein we would get there right as the Charter Boats would come in with their quarry.  We would Ohh and ahh over their catch and then make our way to the Tiki Bar.

What a sight to behold for a young impressionable Conchquistador!  Beautiful women, gorgeous boats, great music and an incredible vibe. Everything was in excess,  the boats, the boobs, the lounge lizards...the money.  To me THIS was Disney World!!  Remember, this was the late 70s, the heyday of square grouper.  I loved this essence so much, it became the setting for the very first song that I ever wrote, called Modern Day Pirate.

Fast forward way too many years and a lifetime later, and I find myself back at the Tiki Bar once again!!  I am very proud to announce that I will be sponsoring the new "Conchtails Radio Show".  Starting November 7th, hosted by my friends Joey Naples and Captain Matt Bellinger, and airing live from the Tike Bar, Wednesdays from 6-7PM on Sun 103.1 locally and worldwide on iHeart radio at Sun103.1, this is sure to be a fun and entertaining hour and I look forward to joining in as their resident Keys real estate expert.

So make Conchtails a regular part of your Wednesday Routine.  Come on Down or Listen Live.

In the Key of A with a tropical beat, a sample of my very first song written at age 16 in 1981

Drives up in His Maserati to The Holiday Isle
Climbs into his 40 footer and gives all the girls a smile 
Orders a Margarita from a cute Senorita and gives her a 5 buck tip for a 2.50 drink

He's a
Modern Day Pirate
Cruisin' the Sea in his fast as @#$% Cigarette
A Modern Day Pirate 
Haulin' Mary Jane and Cocaine from Cuba to Key West 

Modern Day Pirate 

When it comes to haulin'
He's undoubtedly the Best!

So the circle is complete and I find myself doing the greatest job in the world in the most wonderful place on Earth, the fabulous Florida Keys.  It's Conchtails Time!!!

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