Friday, April 20, 2012

How Many Islands Make Up the Florida Keys?

How many islands make up the Florida Keys?

Although it may be hard to believe, there are actually 1700 islands that make up the Florida Keys!

From huge Key Largo at over 27 miles long to small Keys that are not much more than a few mangroves and some limestone (and maybe an old lost square grouper from the 70s), our 145 +/- stretch of islands is one of the most remarkable places in our Country. Each has its own character and charm. Only a small percentage are habitable. 

Many of these islands lie in the Everglades National Park. With its protected status, this only enhances their natural beauty, insuring enjoyment for generations to come.

As most of our Keys are accessible only by boat, do yourself a major favor and get out on the water and visit these natural and National Treasures, and if you don't contact me.  I'd be happy to be your guide, on my boat The Conch-Keys-Tador!

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  1. My son is on his way there and they have a boat. There just not sure where to go. I was trying to find out which islands were the nicest.

    1. Hi There. Thank you for your comment. I highly suggest the Islamorada Area as a great introduction to the Keys. Islamorada is the sport fishing Capital of the World, while Key Largo has some of the World's best diving. From there there are so very many places to explore...especially by boat!! For sure they should visit the Islamorada Sandbar on a Saturday or much fun. Feel free to email me at DropAnchor@therealestateconch for more fun ideas!