Monday, April 23, 2012

The Conch Republic : 30 Years Strong!!! We Seceded Where Others Failed! An Insider's Perspective.

 The Keys declared their independence from the U.S. calling themselves the 'Conch Republic' in: 
What prompted the Keys secession from the U.S.?
           Border Patrol roadblocks and inspection points
After secession from the U.S., the president of the Conch Republic requested: 
           One billion dollars in foreign aid from the US

I remember it like it was yesterday, 1982, the Mariel boatlift had just recently transported almost 100,000 Cuban dissidents and prisoners onto our shores, and square grouper was pouring in just as fast. 

Money and Blood flowed as freely as the new Rum Runners at Holiday Isle. A new type of buccaneer had emerged hauling Mary Jane and Cocaine from Cuba to Key West, and not to mention people.

It was painfully obvious what was going on. Hell, they would flaunt it at places like the Tiki Bar where they would drive up in their Maserati's to the Holiday Isle, climb into their forty footer, Cigarettes, start the roaring engines and smile like peacocks, as the gentry would wonder.."How many bales would fit in there???.

Still from the new documentary Square Grouper. 
It was seductive to watch these new Buccaneers, getting rich quick.  The first song I ever wrote was at 15 called "Modern Day Pirate" and some of the very lyrics are contained in the 3 preceding paragraphs. (Ah  Didn't know the Conchquistador was a songwriter??

But we the people were not the ONLY ones watching.. So was THE MAN!!
And in 1982, The Man decided to throw up road blocks in Florida City at the entry to the Keys...really pissing off our individualistic Conchs!!!

Search and seizure was the name of the game, and like the piratey rebels that we are ...protest soon the form of secession from the United State of America!!! Yes we became a sovereign nation...The Conch Republic!  Somewhat in jest, and tongue in cheek, yet still with some bite.  They were squeezing the gentry in order to flush out the bad guys.

Backups that lasted hours soon ensued, and the MAN did not think our ploy was funny ...AT All.

So now, here we are 30 years later and the Conch Republic is now just a state of mind and a flag and trinkets sell to tourists to take home to Kansas.

But 30 years ago it was a big FU and proudly hoisted Middle Finger to the Federal Government, that epitomized the soul and character of this 130 mile island chain.

Yes....I remember it well....

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