Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Numbers Are In!!! 3rd Quarter Florida Keys Sales Report! Very Interesting Stats!

Number of Waterfront Homes Sold 1st 3 Quarters
Numbers....I love the stories that they tell.  The veracity they hold. The unemotive truth they boldly display.   They do not care what common perception is.  They do not care of conventional wisdom.  They simply not ... care.  They just ... are.

So, while the world in seemingly in a tailspin with nightly reports of the doom and gloom in the Real Estate Market.  Someone forgot to tell they Keys!!

During the first 3 Quarters of 2010, 112 waterfront homes were sold in the Upper Keys.  In 2011, a staggering 172!  A Dramatic positive change of 53.6%!!

Median Waterfront Home Price 1st 3 Quarters
As well, in the Upper Keys, the Median price during that same time of 2010 for a Waterfront Home was $550,000.  In 2011, $620,000!  A 12.7 % increase.

So, there is definitely a MAJOR Change evolving in our Market.  The Supply and Demand paradigm is on the Move and the smart money is jumping on the Overseas Highway and heading to The Keys Before it's too Late!!

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There are still Phenomenal deals for Buyers down here and for Sellers, now that they Buzz is in the Air, it's a great time to have your property on the Market, as properties ARE selling.

What story will YOUR numbers tell??

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