Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Conch Shell Blowing World Record in Key Largo

When I was a teenager, back when it was legal to catch local Conch, I used to take such delight in making my own Conch Horns.  I actually had a nice little business selling them to friends and classmates, as they were great noisemakers at football games!

At one Point, I actually had a whole octave of horns.  And might I say the conch salad, from those was awesome!
Recently, a world-record attempt was held at Sundowner's in Key Largo.

Showcasing their spirit and pucker power, 142 conch shell blowers gathered at a Florida Keys bayfront eatery to beat a world record attempt of the most people simultaneously blowing a conch shell.

The group surpassed a previous record set in 2009 of 127 simultaneous conch honkers that was sanctioned by the World Records Academy, one of several organizations that certify world records. Although the 2011 effort featured many more participants, the record is not official until the WRA certifies it.
The late Friday afternoon event at Sundowner’s Restaurant was part of this weekend’s Key Largo Conch Republic Days commemorating the mock secession of the Keys from the U.S. to protest a ludicrous1982 Border Patrol blockade at the top of the Florida Keys Overseas Highway.

The conch shell is a symbol of the Florida Keys. Blowing it has been a tradition since the early 1800s, when seafaring settlers used it as a maritime signaling device.
View Video of the event below.  (Put the Conchquistador Soundtrack to the left in Pause first)

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