Monday, December 6, 2010

The Historical Preservation Society of The Upper Keys

As an Ambassador for all things Florida Keys and as History Buff,  it was only Natural for the Conchquistador to be intruigued by a website with the address of

 Historic Photo from
 It was love at first mouse click!!! So much so that I have now joined as a Paton Supporter of The Historical Preservation Society of The Upper Keys.  Jerry Wilkerson has done a PHENOMINAL job present every facet of Florida Keys History in a consise, easy to follow, forum, with detailed narratives of early Keys Living with hard to find photos, to timelines and mile marker details.  This is an Ultimate destination for those who want to learn how our fabulous Keys evolved from Native American Indian Camps, to Spanish Settlments, to the domain of Bahamian Wreckers to hard scrappled sailors and bon vivants such as Hemingway, Buffett and Zane Grey.
Be sure to check it out!!!

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