Sunday, October 9, 2016

Where Do Old Florida Keys Fishing Guides Go After They've Made Their Last Cast?

Down here in The Florida Keys, the Fishing Guide Community is very tight knit.  Even though these hearty Men and Ladies of the Sea are fiercely competitive to garner business, there is a strong mutual respect and admiration among these, some of the best in the World, Salt Water Guides.

Rightly so, these Guys and ... Gals, are truly the bedrock of our Community, providing key, life-memory, moments, services to both our locals and visitors alike.  

Many of our Guides here started learning their craft as Kids and have now graduated to finding just the right spots for piscatorial pursuits (as my friend Capt.Matt Bellinger of Bamboo Charters likes to say), for their often repeat clientele.

But sadly, as is the course of life, we have to say Good-Bye to some of our cherished guides, after they've made their last great cast.

Memorial at Buchanan Bank ( Photo Courtesy of Florida Keys History and Discovery Foundation)

Below is an blurb posted on Facebook on the Florida Keys History and Discovery Foundation's Page highlighting the revered location where many of our Guide friends have chosen to have their mortal coil flow amongst the tides.

"Where do old Florida Keys fishing guides go after they've made their last cast? Buchanan Bank. The ashes of some legendary fishing guides have been spread at this favorite tarpon hole including those of Jimmie Albright, Cecil Keith, and Billy Pate."
Florida Keys History and Discovery Foundation 

Buchanan Bank.  Click on image to see larger

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