Friday, August 5, 2016

Florida Keys Staycation!

Its all about perspective really. 
Context is EVERYTHING.
You see the same things everyday, grow numb, the extraordinary becomes the mundane.
But then...with a few tweaks, the fog is lifted and you wake up, realize and imbibe the extraordinary all over again, with just a change of... perspective.

That's why I try to live like a tourist everyday down here in the Fabulous Florida Keys!  And just this week, I had the chance to really savor the flavor of our special archipelago.
My Cousin, Crystal, from the Windy City of Chicago came calling and it was our delight to enjoy a Keys Staycation and marinate her in our special tropical vibe. And in so doing, live like a tourist ourselves for  a week,

DAMN!! Do we have it good!! 
Photo used courtesy of Tim Rahn photography
From enjoying a raft up on Nest Key and encountering a playful pod of porpoise that wanted to be our new best friends, to sipping on and eating, (yes Eating) the best Bloody Marys in the Keys (Trailer Trash Bloodies at Robbie's), to marveling at he wonder of the Old Seven Mile Bridge, to falling hopelessly in love to tiny Key Deer on Big Pine, and reveling in the stunning sunset at Mallory Square in Key West and then getting our Duval Crawl on.  We ALMOST ventured (and thankfully we did not) to the Garden of Eden bar above the Bull and Whistle (those of you that know, understand our trepidation!)

Savoring a Quiet Moment at the historic Southernmost House
Enjoying a quite moment at the Southernmost House and a dip at the Southernmost Beach.  Knocking a few back at Sloppy Joes and Capt Tony's feeling the history and imagining Jimmy busting out some new tunes back in the day.  Getting out on our little skiff the "Sand $" to do some midnight bullynetting during lobster Mini-season, Late afternoon Kayaking in Key Largo catching the Sunset, and cruising aboard the "Conch - Keys - Tador" and appreciating the stunning residences along the waterways of Ocean Reef.

And the fishing, and the Snorkeling and Diving, and on , and, on and...on.  

Describing all the fun to be had in the Keys is like Bubba from Forrest Gump describing Shrimp Recipes.

That bump in perspective makes you realize WOW, the Keys are amazing, and what a cool place to call your own.  Whether a dry lot bungalow, or Oceanfront Estate, the Magic is yours to enjoy anytime...all the time, when you own your own piece of paradise here in the Fabulous Florida Keys.

Let me open YOUR eyes to the myriad of possibilities, so you can enjoy your own staycation!

Work with an Agent who lives like a tourist every day.  Put the experience and expertise of The Conchquistador to work for you! For more information on the outstanding real estate opportunities that exist in the Keys, call me at 305.439.7730 or email me at

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