Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Time To Lay The Smack Down! American Caribbean Dominates First-Quarter Sales!

Time to lay the smack down! American Caribbean dominates first-quarter sales!

Yeah, OK ... being a little full of ourselves, but hey, as I've been told, "It ain't bragging if it's true"!

I am really fortunate to work with, what I believe are the best colleagues in the business here in the Florida Keys. 
Our company, American Caribbean Real Estate, dominated First-Quarter residential real estate sales in the Upper Keys. 
As you'll see in the graph below, and yes, we do need names (mm hmm, that's right), our firm had a commanding lead over all of the other companies. And yes, this includes the huge national companies and franchises.

Click for larger view

I've always preferred to work with locally owned companies. There's just a groundedness I find, and an awareness and an ability to react to the local market, that you just don't get with that huge national real estate firms, like those with blue and white logos, and gold jackets. Wait, did I go there?? Yes, yes I did.

Our firm capitalizes on the great team spirit and intimate and immediate knowledge of each other's property listings.  And though we are a locally owned company our reach is GLOBAL, owing to our phenomenal  affiliation with Christies International Real Estate.  This, List Local/Market Global dynamic is very much the fuel that runs our engine, and its effectiveness can be seen in sales ranging from entry level dry lot homes to magnificent Ocean Estates.

The Florida Keys real estate market is red-hot and your Conquistador is proud to be with a Company that is flaming…mmm ... Wait, let's say ... on fire. 

If you're considering your own Island Oasis or looking to sell your existing Conch Maison, put the experience and expertise of The Conchquistador to work for you! For more information on the outstanding real estate opportunities that exist in the Keys, call me at 305.439.7730 or email me at

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