Friday, September 4, 2015

The Mangrove Pod, Sediment, And a Whole Lot Of $$$, Its Our Sept Real Estate Resource Report!

(You must read the Following with the voice of Jacques Cousteau in your mind, or if you are too young and don't remember him, think of the voice of the narrator of Sponge Bob Square pants!)

Our Little Hero
The Mangrove seed pod floats atop the water.  
With all the might it can muster ... it finds a way. It finds a way to fight the current, and the tides. It finds a way to get to the right spot, and miraculously dig in its root!!

Now, the mangrove begins to flourish, and as it grows, from underneath the water, to on top, it achingly unfolds new roots that branch out and create a unique web, a unique web that becomes a filter in the water.  A web, that offers protection to juvenile marine life and a web that traps sediment.  

Sediment that now offers new seedlings an opportunity to find their way, to grow and prosper, next to the existing Mangrove.  

And now you have a collection of mangroves collecting sediment. NOW, you have a KEY!!!

And that Key when it grows up may have waterfront parcels worth millions of $$$.

(Ok, you can stop with the voice)

This, my readers, is how are Keys were, and continue to be, Born.  Almost 2000 of them in total,
These seed pods have created one of the most beautiful destinations on Earth, our Florida Keys.

And, as our Real Estate Market reflects, folks just cant get enough.

Please see our Real Estate Resource Report below that shows both a drop in inventory and a dramatic drip in the days on Market.

Let me know if you would like a Monthly Resource Report emailed to you directly!

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