Friday, May 16, 2014

Tow Boat US and/or Sea Tow Memberships... Don't Leave Port Without Them!!

It's a Big Sea out there.   Sometimes it's Benevolent, and Majestic, and simply Wonderful.  And Sometimes.... Sometimes,  it'll make you It's Bitch.

Been There
It's THOSE times that you need to be prepared.  BOATS break down.  It's part of the ... joys having a boat.  Again, BOATS break down.  And that is why I don't let any of my Clients and Friends, go on the water in their boats without a membership to either Tow Boat Us or Sea Tow.

These are basically the AAA of the sea, providing assistance and towing when needed.  From dead batteries, to running out of gas, to my @#$&%ing engine won't start and I'm 10 *&^ing miles off shore in 600 feet of water and I need to get home, bad situations.  These Guys and Gals are the Cavalry.

Done That
For a yearly membership fee, you buy peace of mind and a WHOLE lot of Savings.

Case in point...
I have a membership with Tow Boat US, not that Sea Tow is no better or worse, just my membership has always been with Tow Boat.  Well yesterday, before I was about to go out collecting my crab traps for the end of Stone Crab season, I realized that my membership had expired.  I immediately went at 8:15am to renew at my local West Marine.  I paid my $160+/- membership fee. At 11:15 AM I am off  Key Largo cruising at about 30 knots when my prop slips off my boat into the briny.  No prop=stuck!  So here it is just 3 hours later after I renewed and I am calling for a tow back to port!  I call on my VHF and soon one of their friendly captains was there to bring us in. It took two hours to get us back.

How much did he charge me ??? $0.   How much WOULD it have cost?? $485 !!  That 1 incident paid for itself.  That was yesterday.  I am certain that over the next 364 days I will be calling them again for assistance.  And while I will be frustrated at being stuck..I will have piece of mind, that I can get back and not have a several hundred $$ towing charge.

So, Get out on the Big Sea,  Know that It may want to and may even make you, It's Bitch.  But at least come prepared with an exit strategy in the form of a Sea Tow or Tow Boat Us Membership.  Because....BOATS break down!

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