Saturday, August 3, 2013

De Plane, De Plane! Holiday Isle Now Offers Seaplane Service Directly to the Beach!

There's always been something profoundly nostalgic about arriving to a destination via Seaplane.
Maybe it hearkens back to yesteryear, to the days of  the Pan Am Clipper Class, elegantly gliding in....pontoons skimming the azure waters and then taxiing to the awaiting dock.
I can almost smell the fine cigar smoke that would be allowed in those days and seeing someone like  the Dos XX Most Interesting Man in the World appearing from the cabin.
Yes, there definitely in an air of Romance associated with Seaplanes.

Now, you too can capture that Romance here in The Keys!

The Post Card Inn at Holiday Isle in Islamorada has announce they they will be offering Seaplane service to and from the locations of Bimini, Miami, Ft Lauderdale, and Key West.
Is this cool or what??

Offered thru Tropic Ocean Airways, you can now arrive right on the Beach at the Holiday Isle in STYLE.

I saw them doing some practice touch and gos the other day, and it was awesome.  

You can get a taste as a Seaplane and Holiday Isle were recently the setting for The Zac Brown band's latest video for the song, "Jump Right In". Those these will be much nicer and larger.

I can't wait to jump on board!

If only they could have Tattoo announce...De Plane, De Plane.

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