Friday, July 13, 2012

Black Beard and Black Caesar with iPhones + My New Favorite App: FishRules 2012

Can you imagine Black Caesar or Black Beard with an iPhone???
Ponder if you will, the sexting, texting, emailing, and tweeting that would be going on, or even the apps!!!
"OMG Ceas, U R my BFF!!!   Just raided a English Warship - gonna have my way with their Wenches -.  Beard out. "

Anyways, in today's era we are fortunate to have tools they never even conceived of.

Apps for GPS, knot tying, celestial navigation, and a myriad of fishing apps.

Today, I just discovered my favorite new app!  Fish Rules 2012

Screen shot from Fish Rules 2012 - my Favorite new App
Fishing regulations here in the Keys are big time enforced.  Johnny Law has pulled me over several times to ensure my catch was legal....and man are the penalties steep if they are not.  From jail time to big hurts.  I am always reading about some poor sap who did not know the rules, or some idiot who did and just decided that they did not apply to him.

Well, now there is a great new tool that helps you to identify your catch AND see if it is legal.... in size and in season.  Search by name or photo.  It even knows where you are at, and can customize your regulations based on your location!! How cool is that!

And the best feature is the price....just $.99 cents!!!

Go to for more info and to keep yourself out of handcuffs...unless you are into that sort of thing.

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