Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Upper Keys Real Estate Stats Report for April With Some VERY INTERESTING Numbers!

Hello my name is Mykael ....and I am a Stataholic.  I had been without stats for about a month, but now I am back head first!!!
My deepest apologies to friends of Bill W, but  I wanted to farcically demonstrate how much I LOVVVVE stats.  The story they tell...the truths they emit, and falsities they dispel.  The Numbers as they say, don't lie, and often buck Conventional wisdom.  And we have some very interesting (in my best Artie Johnson voice), numbers for the month of April, as we have been following a definite Trend.
That a look at the our monthly Report for the Upper Keys ( mile markers 70 thru 108), and I will break it down below.
Ok, Some important Bullet Points for you to be aware of:
  • Sales Volume is Down  7.7% from 2011 because there were 19.5% fewer New Listings!
  • The Absorption Rate for 2011 was a respectable 74.7% meaning the ration between New Listings and Sold Properties. for  the same time in 2012 it was a staggering 116% !!! that means more properties sold than came on the market.  Can you say supply and Demand??
  • List Prices were up 4.6%
  • Sale prices were up a health 6.8%
  • Time on the Market was 15% less
The bottom line and story that these numbers tell is that  this is the best time in several years put your property on the Market, and if you are a buyer...act NOW.

If you would like a full sized PDF version of this report, I would be happy to email it to you.
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