Thursday, October 27, 2011

Do you Like It....Hot??? The Keys Have Some Sauce for You!!!

Jalapeno, Scotch Bonnet, Habanero, Ghost Chile....Peppers that could make a Pirate cry, or at least mist up.

We're talkin' about Hot Sauce!! That magical elixir featuring those and other peppers that can spice up your dish with a little tang or make it so hot it can create an actual high!  Trust me, I've studied this stuff, some hot peppers can actually release endorphins, and capsacin, the active component in chile peppers is reported to help in weight loss!  I actually grow some pretty potent peppers myself.  ( How's that for alliteration!)

 Did you know that the Florida Keys is Home base for a fantastic Hot Sauce Company??? 

Florida Keys Hot Sauce Company, operated by my friend Clay Crockett, and is a locally owned company that has a full line of delicious hot sauces that add flavor and heat to whatever you are serving.. I had some Mile 0 with Fish yesterday and WOW... FLAVOR and HEAT. That's where most sauces lose me they usually only bring one or the other, but mmm mmm, these are goooood.

Founded in 2010, their private product line is a result of over 3 years of product design, development, and testing. Keys “Conchs” are very particular to their products and lifestyles. Their private line of sauces and products depict the Flavor and Fun that the Florida Keys share with visitors and locals alike. In a bottle, they are proud to bring you the flavor of the Florida Keys.

The Florida Keys Hot Sauce Co.’s line of products is available both online and in various retail outlets throughout the Florida Keys. Feel free to order from their website or visit a variety of restaurants or stores mentioned on their site and pick up a bottle while walking “somewhere on US1”.

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