Thursday, August 4, 2011

Don't Let Trailering Woes Ruin Your Day!! Great Company in The Keys to Add to Your Phonelist! Free Trailer Inspection.

Don't Let THIS Happen to You!
Picture are driving down to your favorite ramp in the Keys with your boat in tow and all of a sudden you hear a horrible screeching sound like nails on a blackboard and your trailer lists to one side and you realize in the pit of your stomach that your trailer bearings have froze and you are stuck!!!
Been There...Done 100 degree heat and mosquitoes!!!

With over 120 mile of Florida Keys,  trailering your boat is quite often a necessity as there are times when the Middle or Lower Keys are calling your name or vice versa and you've got to hook up and go. And NOTHING kills the day worse than trailer issues. 

Now, I always insist that my friends and clients purchase a  sea towing and trailer towing assistance package from West Marine serviced by Tow Boat US.  The $160 or so yearly investment  will pay for itself many many times over.  Now that just covers a tow back to your home or port.  Sometimes you need a quick FIX to get you back on the road.

That is where my new friends at AAA Trailer Repair come in very, very handy.  Located at Mile marker 98 Bayside in Key Largo and offering  24 hour roadside trailer assistance in the Upper Keys, these guys are great and extremely reasonable in price.  They also offer all types of trailer accessories and maintenance.

Do your self a HUGE favor and stop by and have they inspect your trailer to make sure all is good.  You will thank yourself later, because the LAST thing you want is to be stuck on the 7-mile bridge with busted bearings or a busted axle!!!

Call Damian at 305-735-2121 or visit  for a free trailer inspection, and let him and his crew keep your trailer running smooth and safe.

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