Friday, July 1, 2011

Lock Up Your Daughters and Wives!!! It's time for Holiday Isle Debauchery in Islamorada, The Florida Keys!!

And I mean that in a good way!!

Listen, they don't call it HOLIDAY Isle for nothing!  When it's time to relax (wait sounds like a Miller Ad), is there any place in The Keys that offers more FUN per sq inch than Holiday Isle?? And this Year's Independence Day Celebrations are bound to be memorable...depending on how much you drink.  Does it get wild? Yes...Does it get Crazy...Yes..Naughty Even?...Probably...But hey this IS the Keys, History's Home for Pirates and Scallywags for expect fun with a little chaos in the mix...lots of booze, and an attitude for something a little less tame.

If not....Mickey is just 4 hours away.

Have Fun ...Be safe...Call a cab.

Holiday Isle

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