Monday, August 16, 2010

Latest Keys Market Stats

Upper Keys Months of Inventory from FL Keys MLS
The latest Florida Keys Real Estate Market statistics are very intriguing. The tale they tell is one wherein, though the supply has dropped dramatically as evidenced by the months of inventory,  the prices have seen a state of plateau.  So, a contrary to the supply vs. demand axiom.
Middle and Lower Keys Months of Inventory from FL Keys MLS
What does this mean???  I see it as a bit of a double positive really.
  1. Homes are selling.  Meaning, homes are selling, Period.   The arid drought of sellers not being able to move their properties is showing, to now, be far less severe.  A Positive for the Sellers.
  2. Middle and Lower Keys Prices from FL Keys MLS
    Upper Keys Prices from FL Keys MLS
  3. Though the supply of available property has lessened through greater demand, property prices have for the most part remained consistent. Therefore Buyers still have the ability to purchase an abundance of properties are incredible prices. A Positive for the Buyers.
Rarely, do we see a Double Positive Real Estate Market. How long will it last until the scales are tipped in either direction is a good one to ponder, and could be affected by a variety of influences.  Influences such as the overall Economy, Interest Rate fluctuations, weather anomalies, environmental issues (IE: Oil spill), and political issues (wars, elections, etc.), all factor into our  local Real Estate Market conditions, especially in a Market such as the Keys' where many of the properties are seasonal residences and/or upgrades, such as moving up to a waterfront property from a dry lot.
Until that time when we do see a tipping, it's still a great time to purchase property in one of the greatest places on Earth:
The Fabulous Florida Keys!!

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